Many of our customers within the carpet industry and outside it require certain finished products, machinery, and or raw materials inaccessible or hardly accessible to them due to trade restrictions and stringent regulations, thereby making it difficult for them to access these products at suitable prices and most importantly in a timely manner. In this sense, KTS Trading is committed to providing all domestic customers with their required goods in the shortest time via its trade partners and suppliers in different countries, hence eliminating lost time and multiple intermediary prices. We actively import *** as well as any other legitimate product within the Islamic Republic of Iran import regulations.
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Apart from its active role in the import of products and raw material, KTS trading provides competitive solutions for domestic producers and manufacturers planning to initiate their market presence outside of Iran, especially neighboring countries including Iraq, Turkey, Afghanistan, and the UAE etc. We currently export building materials, food and beverages in large volumes and considering our knowledge of international markets especially neighboring countries, are capable of coordinating and managing your business presence in any feasible country and product.
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At KTS Trading, as for any business, marketing plays a vital role in our company strategy. Whether exporting commodities, or importing finished products, machinery, and raw material, marketing is an essential factor in our business operations, and KTS marketing professionals and regional managers are ready to assist you in designing the right solution for marketing your products inside and outside of Iran. ***
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Importing and exporting products in today’s competitive markets is encompasses various risks and threats. Simply having a great product does not translate into great sales. Therefore, conducting feasibility studies, market research, and detailed knowledge of the target market is of great importance in obtaining desired market share in any market. Informed decisions based on informative analysis and consultation is an integral part of achieving success especially in the lucrative Iranian market. The apparent future improvement of Iran’s relations with the world considering possible win-win resolutions over its atomic program notions breakthrough in trade relations to and from Iran, hence boosting imports and exports; and as a result, lowering inflation rates leading to added consumer buying power inside the country. To take advantage of this opportunity, KTS consultants are ready to provide you with the required information and data required to enter the Iranian market. On the other hand, our consultation services are available to manufacturers and producers willing to export their products to especially neighboring countries.
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A brand is not just an enticing logo, engaging website, or strategic marketing plan. A brand is a story, a history, and identity transformed into an experience. KTS branding is here to help you define your brand strategy, design your brand identity, and communicate your brand via different mediums including print, web and mobile, video and photography, and the media. Your product branding starts with a definition and vision for your company and products future and image in the market. Let our branding professionals help you plan, design, develop, and deploy your brand inside and outside Iran.
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