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Thank you for visiting the official website of Kimiya Tejarat Saeid Co. Ltd. We are delighted to have you here.
At KTS, we are continuously striving for better ways to provide top-notch service for Iranian consumers, the Iranian market, and the Iranian society as a whole. About our team, the KTS team is part of a corporate culture based on the principles of integrity, prudence and transparency, which have been key in allowing us to build a strong business model that is able to grow and is very customer centric. You will find complete company information, as well as detailed product information and specifications. If you require specific information not stated in the website, content, please do not hesitate to contact us, and one of our staff will be in touch with you as soon as possible.
Thank you very much for your time and taking interest in our website.

Our History:

Kimiya Tejarat Saeid Co., Ltd is an Iranian based company situated in Qom city (Qom province) of Iran. As a Chamber of Commerce member of the Islamic Republic of Iran, KTS Trading Co. is an active player in the fields of manufacturing *** and providing professional services including ***. Alongside manufacturing, KTS Trading is a major importer of goods and raw material from China, ***, and ***. In addition, considering its rich distribution of marketing channels throughout Iran, KTS Trading is engaged in many import and export agreements with both Iranian manufacturers and foreign companies selling their products inside Iran and the Middle East. KTS Trading continuously seeks new customers and suppliers to expand its line of offered products and services inside and outside of Iran. In this course, KTS Trading relies on its team of highly qualified manufacturing and marketing personnel and corporate partners, envisioning strong brand image for our customers and business partners throughout the world and Iran.

Our Business

KTS General Trading Company deals in:

Agricultural Products
(Dried Fruits, Fresh Fruits, Saffron, ...)


(Copper, Zinc, Ceramic, Clay, ... )


Machinery, Machine Tools and Industrial Products
(Welding Machinery, Grinding Machines, Electrodes, Boiler and Accessories, ...)


Metals and Metal Products
(Steel and Steel Products, Wire Industries, Aluminum, ...)


Building and Construction Materials and Equipment
(Decorative Stone, Tiles, Ceramic & Glass Products)


Chemical Products
(Paint, Rubber and Plastic Parts, Tire and Tube, ...)


Petroleum Products
(Gas, Oil-derivatives, Metals and Mineral Ores)

Why KTS?

KTS knowledge of the Iranian market and connections with a variety of high quality manufacturers, brings forward an excellent opportunity to engage in profitable business ties, enabling both suppliers and buyers a lucrative and fruitful business cooperation via the professional support provided by highly qualified KTS staff throughout the country.

What we do?

KTS exports domestic products manufactured by top quality Iranian companies to foreign customers, and engages in purchase of foreign products required by the local market. In this way, KTS acts as an economic and highly facilitating hub between suppliers and potential customers.
For more than 5 years, KTS has actively cooperated with top Iranian manufacturers in different sectors and has opened new doors to international markets via its innovative marketing channels and incentive programs.
Please contact us to find out how KTS Trading can help you gain access to the very lucrative Iranian market, and booming global markets of the world.

What we believe?

KTS Trading takes pride in providing the best business opportunities for its partners whether in the manufacturing field in Iran, or mass distributors of high quality goods in the global market. Our commitment to professional services and cutting excessive costs provides suppliers with extraordinary cost advantages, enabling them to focus on production and supply of their products, while leaving coordination of their business to their trusted KTS Trading partner. On the other hand, KTS Trading works hand in hand with potential buyers to find the best deals inside Iran at competitive prices.
Please contact us and help us help you in finding your desired product or market inside Iran.

What we offer?

Despite economic sanctions and trade limitations, many big names in the industry are taking advantage of the diverse Iranian consumer market, and reaping the benefits of business in one of the ME region’s youngest populations. KTS Trading offers top of the line Iranian manufactured goods for foreign customers, and acts as a trustworthy partner in profitable business opportunities for foreign suppliers willing to distribute their products and services within Iran and the Middle East. The Iranian market of over 77 million potential customers provides extraordinary opportunities for companies and suppliers alike.
Please contact us to find out how we can help you start business in Iran.